Hootiebird has been on a Blue's Clues kick, now that we've asked he lay off the Fistronaut for a while. He's also learned how to select the episode he wants to watch on Netflix. This has resulted in him focusing on a handful of episodes. Specifically the an episode about superheroes, and the ones where Mr Salt and Mrs Pepper have a second child, making Paprika a big sister.

This morning he was watching the episode where Baby Cinnamon is born with an intensity that made me think if he could write he would be taking notes. The Blue's clues episode was about what Blue wanted to do to welcome the new baby to the house and (Spoiler Alert!) the answer is she wants to sing a song. At the point in the episode where they get the third clue and start figuring out what Blue wants to do, Hootiebird jumped off the couch and, without taking his eyes off the TV, grabbed the electric keyboard Whuffle's father had given him and turned it on. He then started to play it when Steve and company started singing to baby Cinnamon. He was very focused and deliberate. I've never seen him approach a musical instrument so seriously.

when the episode ended he came into the kitchen and insisted upon giving Whuffle and I a concert. Instead of just pushing the buttons and goofing around the way he normally does, he got frustrated when he didn't get it "right."

I'm glad Whuffle's Dad is planning to teach him to actually play the keyboard. He's certainly motivated to give it his all.
Caleb is home sick again, this time being cared for by Whuffle.

He was still lethargic but was eating and drinking a little. We watched TV, hung out, cuddled and when I went to pick him up to put him to bed he threw up all over me and the couch. A quick bath and a load of laundry later he was in bed, calming down after the panic of throwing up. I explained to him that throwing up was a way for our bodies to get rid of things that are making us sick and complimented him on what a big boy he was being. He was, all things considered, pretty collected.

I put him to bed and he started to doze, but woke up a couple of hours later asking me to snuggle him. I put my arm under his head to cuddle him and he threw up on both of us. This time however my shirt got the brunt of it and his bed was spared. He clapped his hands over his mouth and said "uh, oh Daddy. I have more." He then made a "hurking" sound.

"Let's get to the bathroom," I said, scooping him up. When we got to the bathroom I directed him to lean over the toilet so he could finish throwing up. He took a minute or so to finish but when he was done he spat into the john and commented "I feel better now Daddy."

We took off our sick covered shirts and washed our hands. He remained cool, calm and collected throughout the experience.

Whuffle and I decided he should stay in our bed with me, and she went to his bed so she could get some sleep. Over the course of the night he woke up a few more times. He went to the bathroom a few times but most of his wake-ups were because he felt nauseous. He would call for me to accompany him, head to the bathroom, lean over the toilet and eventually say "Nope, I don't need to throw up Daddy."

When I woke up, he was draped over my back, having apparently decided I made a grand body pillow. Before I left for the day I complimented him on how well he'd handled himself, and asked him to be good for Mommy, make sure he drinks plenty of water and eat some food today.

"OK Daddy," he said before snuggling back up to Whuffle.



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